Saturday, April 7, 2018

Season 4: The Mimoza Family 2

Mimoza Family
Bob Mimoza: Male Adult | Popularity | Aries | Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
Carla Mimoza: Female Adule | Popularity | Leo | Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends

Last time: When we were last with this branch of the Mimoza family Bob had just moved into his own house across the street from his brother.  He got married to Carla Reamon in a nice outdoor ceremony and they went on a honeymoon to the mountains. Caral announced she was pregnant and Bob worked to befriend strays.

Bob and Carla sit down and eat some breakfast together.  Carla is having a tough time keeping all of her needs up during this pregnancy and is typically either hungry or tired, but this morning she was doing pretty well.

Both of them need and/or want to learn things to keep progressing in their careers so some time is spent skilling while we wait for the baby to arrive.

Being the pop sims they are, parties are frequently thrown, typically by Carla.  She doesn't know that many people in the hood and this is a great way to get people over and talk with them.

During the night Carla gets invited to the Music and Dance lot.  She does a lot of dancing, preferring the slap dance to her home's traditional hula.

Last one night while Carla was headed out to the trash the labor pains took her.  She was right outside the couple's window and Bob rushed outside to be with her...although there wasn't much he could do but look on.

A baby boy was born.  Everyone, meet baby Luke.  We can see he has his father's coloring, but his eyes are still a mystery as he kept them closed.

Carla instantly went to bed, but Bob took over as the dad right away, feeding the baby and bottle, playing with the baby, and being a good father right off the bat.

Caral needed the rest and after she went back to work even got a promotion.  She is working her way up the entertainment industry.  (AN: I had actually completely forgotten she didn't have a career LTW, so she didn't focus as much on friends as I normally would have had her, but that's for next round).

She then worked to skill up some for the next promotion.  This house is pretty little, and the couple has very little money.  They really want to be able to spruce up the place someday.

Ever the pop sim, Carla goes and greats this interesting looking passerby.  She is, of course, still in her underwear.  She doesn't seem to mind her attire, and neither does he.

Before we know it, it's time for a birthday party.  I think for pop sims this is one of the best things about having kids.  They give you excuses to throw parties.  Bob's family is invited, although not all of them are able to attend.

Carla brings little Luke to the cake and all of the guests cheer for the birthday boy and such a wonderful party.  The purple guy, who I think is named Kent, also stays for the party.

A before our very eyes we have Luke turn into a toddler.  He is a very outgoing and but also very serious and fairly grouchy Leo.  He has brown hair (which is almost reddish here) like his dad, but blue eyes.  That could have come from either parent, as Bob's eyes are recessively blue.

Auntie Tess can't wait to snuggle the new addition to their family.  She is probably thinking about her own Stephanie who is just about the same age.

Carla relaxes on the couch and is satisfied with having such a great party.

Little Leo plays a lot with his bunny toy.  This is one of the best toys for toddlers, and I have found many toddlers get almost enough charisma by playing with this guy during their toddler years they practically have enough for a scholarship.

Carla and Luke become best friends.  Luke is a pretty easy kid to take care of and his parents get to sleep through most of the night almost every night without having to tend to him.

Bob also becomes best friends with Leo while working on his potty training.  It took a couple of days to get each parent to a level they could make some smart milk.

During yet another party thrown by Carla, Luke gets some smart milk and learns to walk with his daddy's help.

Finally, by the end of the party, Luke has also learned to use the potty like a big boy.  All that is left is to teach him to talk.  Carla will take on that responsibility as Bob has to go back to work.

With that last little bit, we close out the round for the second house of the Mimoza family.  We will be heading back to university next to finish out the second half for the end of this round.  That should bring Eugene and Jaiden back to the town for next round.

AN: It was so awesome to come back and play this hood again after such a long absence.  I had forgotten how much I wanted to see this new baby and be back with these families.  I hope you all enjoy the update, and I do expect to keep having updates slowly.

Previous Points: +52
New Sim, Luke: +1

Friday, April 6, 2018

Coming Back

I don't know how many people still read and follow Sims 2 blogs, but Clovercrest will be coming back soon.  I got a new job (well more of a promotion) and work got a little crazy for awhile, and then my computer died, and to top it all off I'm buying a house.  However, I have a new computer and plan to work on getting Sims 2 up and working again this weekend, but with the move so close my time is limited.  I do love this hood, and I can't wait to play it again (or any of my hoods.) Once I have moved into my house I will actually have my old sims computer available to play least that is the plan, so hopefully I can make updates a little more regularly.  Anyway, all that to say I will be back very soon, at least I hope.  Clovercrest may not be the first update, but keep watch on Megalahood, Prosperity Fellowship 1, and Breeze Point as well to see where I pop up next.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

University Season 3

Sim State Dormitory
Arnav Morpheus: Male YA | Popularity | Aquarius | Become Celebrity Chef
Opal Raymond: Female YA | Fortune | Capricorn | Become Criminal Mastermind
Zaria Yerazig: Female YA | Fortune | Virgo | Become The Law

We will start the new university round with a set of new students.  Here we have Arnav Morpheus and his intended Opal Raymond who he fell for while a teenager.  We also have Zaria Yerazig.

Opal and Zaria weren't terrible, but new looks all the way around for the kids.  First is Zaria.  She will keep up with the pink theme and just change up her shirt and her look.  I think she turned out very pretty.

Opal, who I've used once before in Breeze Point, gets a pretty yellow dress and a new haircut.  The old style isn't bad, but I like to change up the looks some.

Finally Arnav, who really needed the makeover the most.  He looks very handsome in his new outfit and haircut. The old haircut was too much like a couple of other guys in the hood and many of them look similar.

While picking up cell phone Zaria spied this guy with a jacket and started chatting him up.  I cannot remember his name, but she is already on her way to becoming a member of the secret society.

Next order of business, get these guys into the greek house.  Currently, it's only Eugene and Jaiden who are in the house so that makes it easy to join up.  Zaria makes it in without an issue.

The next to get in is Arnav.  He also makes it in without any issues.  These guys will move to the greek house soon. Finally, it's Opal's turn and she also makes it into the greek house without any issues.

Zaria has been getting to know one of the guys in the dorm, named Ash.  They have hit it off well and he will likely spend time enough at the greek house to get him in.

After getting everyone in, and finishing up the semester the kids are moving out to join Eugene and Jaiden.

Var-Oresha-Fruhm Greek House
Eugene Morpheus: Male YA | Family | Pisces | Marry off 6 Kids
Jaiden Phillppine: Female YA | Family | Aquarius | Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens
Arnav Morpheus: Male YA | Popularity | Aquarius | Become Celebrity Chef
Opal Raymond: Female YA | Fortune | Capricorn | Become Criminal Mastermind
Zaria Yerazig: Female YA | Fortune | Virgo | Become The Law

 Arnav gets to the greek house and instantly starts taking care of the orchard tree in the yard.

Zaria and Opal sit down and have some food with Eugene at the dining table.  They are already fitting in well.

Arnav and Jaiden are also getting to know each other better.

Arnav gets invited to the nature hobby lot after likely tending to the plants on the lots.  Zaria spends some time looking at the stars.

The coach came over and got Arnav and Zaria to start working out.  Neither of them was really out of shape, but the coach didn't really care.

Ash has been hanging out at the greek house lately and he and Zaria are now crushing on each other.  He has been asked to join and is working his way through spending enough time there to be accepted.

Jaiden and Eugene spend time with the couple talking and hanging out.  Everyone is pretty good friends so far.

There is a ton of socializing that happens at the greek house.  People are always coming over, and the kids talk with each other all the time.  It's amazing anyone goes to class.

Ash finally has enough time spend to join the greek house and move in with the group.  He goes to the shops to pick up a cell phone and get his makeover.

Ash Shaikh
LTW: Become Chief of Staff
Turn Ons/Off: Charismatic and Good at Cleaning, not Brown Hair

The table is always full every meal time.  Ash is still in his graduation outfit from the graduation party we had last round, but he'll switch to normal clothes soon.

Opal and Arnav spend time dating to help keep their moods up while working their way through classes.  So far everyone has good grades, and a significant other eases many of the stresses.

In between school work and dates the students take care of the garden they have in the side yard.  It's not a huge garden but will produce plenty of veggies for the kids to use.  We are trying to get their gardening level up so we can grow lots of eggplants.  Arnav earns his bronze gardening badge.

Inside the kids are likely watching a cooking show.  The TV and couch get a lot of use in this house as well.  We are trying to keep their relationships up and building further while also skilling as much as we can.

Everyone eventually joins in and is watching the TV and socializing together.  Apparently, Ash is talking about when he used to have an undeclared major and felt rudderless.  Now he had direction.

Arnav spends time fishing, although he managed to get a lot of boots.

After the honeymoon's we have had lately the hula dance is starting to spread through university.  The previous residents of this house, Tanner, and Meadow, took their honeymoon to the island and brought the dance back with them.

Opal spends time in the garden as well.  I often pick whoever is up and not doing something critical to go garden when I notice it needs tending.  It allows for multiple sims to build up their badges quickly.

Ash and Zaria continue to take their relationship to the next level and have a makeout session in front of everyone.

They are officially in love.  I'm not sure if there was a wish or not, but apparently they decided to get engaged as well.  (I think there had to be a wish, I don't normally do it this early without it), but it turned out to be a bad memory for both.  Not sure why maybe they just weren't ready even if they wished for it.

The Myshuno still gets a TON of use.  It's one of the best things to have in a greek house at this point.

Late one night someone came for Ash.  He was brought into the secret society.  He likely had some friends from there before he became playable. He didn't spend a ton of time at the house and just came back soon.

And now we see that Eugene has finally spent enough time in the garden to earn his bronze gardening badge.

 Arnav spends some time fishing out at the small pond they have on the property.  He's working on building up his fishing badge as well as the garden badge.  It appears Jaiden is working in the garden behind him as well.

Late one night the kids were playing hacky sack together, and some visitors showed up to take Zaria in a nice fancy limo.

Zaria is now a part of the secret society.  I'm sure being the girlfriend of Ash helped a lot.  She spends a little time there meeting other members and then she headed home.

However, before she left Zaria spent some time training with the biotech machine. Zaria

The kids threw a party and invited over the prior members of the greek house.  The party was a great success.  All of the kids who started in the hood are getting close, and hopefully, the neighborhood will stay that way.

Eugene browses on the computer for Music and Dance and gets himself a plaque.  He can now be in the zone.  He will determine what to go after next soon.

Opal also gets into the secret society this round.  She, like the rest, didn't stay long.  So far everyone is getting into the secret society without a problem.  We currently only need Arnav to get accepted and then the entire house will have made it.

While on the phone Jaiden finally got invited to the hobby lot for nature.  The kids all still have good grades and are on track to graduate with honors.

Landgrabb House Dorms
Brennan Mimoza: Male Teen| Knowledge | Gemini | Become Space Pirate
Frankie Mimoza: Male Teen | Fortune | Scorpio | Become Criminal Mastermind
Marvin Mimoza: Male Teen | Knowledge | Leo | Become Educational Minister

We finally reach the final group of kids to come to university this round.  We start the brothers out at the Landgrab dorms, and they definitely need makeovers.

We take the boys down to the shops, and first up is Marvin.  He gets a nice new look and a good set of clothes.

We get to see Frankie's new look next.  He looks sharp in the new vest.  I am finally starting to be able to tell these boys apart.

Last but not least we see Brennan's new look.  He is looking good with a new set of glasses.

The boys begin looking for anyone they might be attracted to both in the dorms and at the shops.  Each one eventually finds someone they have at least two bolts of attraction.

Brennan found this girl, who's name is Tosha Pratt.  They soon have a crush on each other.  She will be a good addition to the neighborhood if they are able to stay together.

Marvin finds Allegra Gorey very attractive as well, and they are soon also in a crush.  I like Allegra from what I've seen on other blogs.

Allegra, Marvin, and Brennan all take some time out to study up.  So far the boys are doing well in school, but they aren't quite through their first semester.

Frankie spends some time with his new crush, Hunter Gray.  These two should make a good match.

The two share their first kiss outside, and Allegra can be seen in the background hanging out.

The boys have moved dorms so there can be more room for the new loves to join them.  They are now in Sim State University dorms.  Lots of dancing happens here, and the hula craze is spreading.

Brennan works on getting into the greek house and is successful on his first try.  The others take a little time trying to get to know a few of the kids better.

The boys invite their intendeds over, and eventually, they all get moved in together.  This will set the group at 6, and they will be able to move into the greek house after the others have moved out.

The new kids travel to the stores to get some new outfits, and the college required cell phones. 

Tosha Pratt
LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer
Turn Ons/Off: Fatness and Blonde hair, not Good at Cleaning

Allegra Gorey
LTW: Become Space Pirate
Turn Ons/Off: Mechanical and Good at Cleaning, not Hard Working

Hunter Gray
LTW: Become Chief of Staff
Turn Ons/Off: Underwear and Good at Cleaning, not Cologne

The girls talk to other at the shops, including Opal Raymond.

Back at the dorms, the boys spend time chatting with the other dormmates while eating food.

Brennan gets invited to the music and dance hobby lot while he works on the ballet bar.

Marvin is the next to work on getting added to the greek house.  He makes it without an issue and is now a full member.

Arnav stayed behind after the other left so Harvey took time out to talk to him some more.  Allegra works on her fitness skill in the background.

Finally to round out this round of university we have two of our couples falling in love.  Brennan and Tosha, and then Allegra and Marvin.

So far all of our kids are getting straight A's and doing well.  The dorm has a small garden, and the greek house has a larger one that's being tended to.  Each of the kids has an intended they have found and hopefully, they will remain happy throughout the rest of university

Previous Points: +44
5 New Sims (Opal, Ash, Tosha, Hunter, Allegra) +5
Music and Dance Plaque (Eugene) +1
BSOC (Jaiden) +1
TOI (Jaiden) +1

(this score doesn't include any of the finishing scores so we can keep a running tab.)